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Valerie Smalkin invites everyone to leave their troubles behind and enjoy the moment. "Lovebug" is a lovely rock-pop song that has superb vocals and has a great dance-inducing groove...loved the key change :-). "Funky Monkey" is a eccentrically written song and very infectious. "Tingalayo" is a very tropical song and has hilarious lyrics...Valerie's vocals are excellent in its sheer uninhibited joy! I don't remember when last I had such fun listening to an album across various genres. This one is a keeper for sure :-) :-) :-)

~ Ricky Kej - Grammy Award Winner


"Every song on this CD is a gem; there is not a single one that my 4-year-old grandson allows me to skip over. The quality of the vocal and instrumental music is superb. It invites movement and dancing; neither he-nor I—could sit still as we listened. The lyrics are ingenious. My grandchild lives across country from me so I hadn't visited since I gave him the CD three months ago. His parents reported that to their surprise when he met a woman in the grocery story, he told her his name, put out his hand to shake hers and asked her her name—something they hadn't taught him to do but that he had learned from the song "Shake Hands." I am about to purchase several more copies to give to other young children in my life. "

~ Dusty L. - Grandmother


"Great songs for our little friends guaranteed to take the fear out of Halloween...if I do say so myself!

~ Val Smalkin, Grandmother, Composer, Ventriloquist

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